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How to say NO KIDS at your wedding...

Jenn Shoemaker

Posted on June 12 2019

How to say NO KIDS at your wedding...

How to say no kids wedding invitations

So we've all been to those weddings where there are just one...too...many children. Couple that with freely flowing cocktails, suggestive dance moves + late hours and you may have a recipe for cranky kids and parents.More and more couples (especially the "millennial" crowd) are choosing to have a no-kids-allowed rule at their wedding. And hey, to each their own... it is your big day after all. But it leaves a lot of couples wondering,
How do I word "No Children" on my wedding invitations?
We've come up with a few ideas that we love that gently lets parents know to book a sitter for the night and come out to enjoy your wedding!
First, always address the invitation to the adults only. Putting "and family" or "The Smith Family" encourages guests to bring the whole family (including little ones!). If the family has adult children, they should really get their own invitation. If that's not possible, make sure to list the names specifically of those that are invited. Need addressing help?
Second, if you are inviting ONLY certain children to the wedding (ex. flower girls and ring bearers), be sure to mention on the invitation that only children in the wedding party (and breastfeeding mothers, potentially) are able to be accommodated.
Now, for specific wording on invitations where no kids are invited:
For Formal Weddings:
Formal weddings tend to be more mature, so it makes sense that you would have a formal invitation. While it may come across rude to say "NO CHILDREN", you still want to communicate in a formal way that no kids are invited. We often use:
  • "Respectfully, an adult occasion" (We did this on our Karalin suite)
  • "Respectfully, attendees must be over the age of (18, 21, etc.)"
  • "It is requested that the evening be an adult event"
For Informal Weddings
Informal weddings have a bit more play when it comes to wording. While formal invitation wording is generally traditional and mature, an informal invitation can state the "no kids" policy in a bit more fun way. For this circumstance, we often turn to:
  • "While your children are loved, we request the ceremony and reception to be adults only."
  • "The couple wants their wedding guests with children to be able to relax without the worry of little ones running about. They encourage you to find a sitter and enjoy the evening out."
In the end, you might have a parent (or two) get upset that their little darling isn't invited to your wedding. But hey- at $25 a plate, YOU get to decide who is invited... but it doesn't make it any easier to let them know their kid isn't invited. So as a last resort, you can always blame it on the venue:
  • "Venue restrictions limit children under the age of ___ from attending."
  • "Due to venue restrictions and the availability of alcohol, children cannot be permitted into the reception"
The main focus here is to let the recipient know that you're not trying to be rude, and that it's nothing against them or their children personally.
It's really a personal choice (and can be hard for some couples!) but if you make your requests clear on your invitation, it should be smooth sailing!
Need help or want to have us design your no-children wedding invitations? Head on over to our main site to chat!

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