Assembly Options

Assembly Options


Interested in assembling your invitations yourself? We offer small price discounts for couple’s who would like to take on assembly! This option offers a shorter processing time and price discounts. Quite simply, you’ll adhere all the pieces together. Usually, that means gluing or taping the invitation to any backings and pocketfolds, and then placing the inserts and RSVP envelopes where they belong. Then, if there is a band, you’ll wrap it around the suite and pop the bellytag on top!

It does take a bit of precision to layer the backings properly, so if you’re crafty and have a steady hand, this may be for you!


Our most common assembly request is partial assembly. All of our suites are priced for partial assembly. This means, that when your invitations arrive, you will slide the inserts and RSVP envelope into place (you may have to slide a band off to get into a pocketfold, if your suite has one!).

There is NO GLUING or TAPING and can usually be done in an hour or so.


Full Assembly is available for the couples who just don’t have time for anything more on their already-packed wedding planning schedule! Your suite will come fully assembled (with the inserts in place, and the RSVP envelope addressed and stamped), ready for you to stuff in your invitation envelopes. Pricing for this option is $1 per suite.